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At the age of 19, Gio left everything he never knew behind, his family, friends, culture and way of life. With only a suitcase, he was bound for Brisbane Australia from Kenya. From adversity came great success, and with an extensive track record in business, Gio has experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows in both his business world and personal life. Gio’s story is unique- but we can all relate to the turbulence of a life lived to the limits.

With an unshakable willpower and a motivation to breakthrough every challenge, Gio’s own experience has instilled in him, the remarkable ability to change lives.

Best known for his impact training and unique story of success through adversity, Gio has a passion to breakthrough mindsets, and a vision to change the way people think inspiring them to lead a better way of life. Gio’s entertaining enthusiasm, unwavering resolve and actionable advice motivates audiences and one-on-one clients, inviting them to step out of their comfort zone. Through his infectious energy, Gio not leaves customers with a lasting impression and the desire to get up and “GO!” Go, and live their new lives. Go, and build an amazing business. Go, and move forward with a new passion, energy and motivation.

Every person is different and in understanding this, Gio has been able to meet people where they are. Gio’s experience in business combined with with passion for personal development provides a unique perspective which helps to improve businesses through improving self. Whether it be teams, management or business owner, Gio’s ability to discover personal hurdles, understand business goals, and take a holistic approach to coaching offers a unrivaled service.

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a structured coaching course
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A 2 Hour Session Where Teams Can Learn Over Lunch - In House or Offsite
Tailored Packages with our experienced business and life coach in Cairns are available for corporate clients where we take a holistic approach to your business' growth & you team's personal development. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation.

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