Can I? – The search for continuous self-improvement

‘Constant and never-ending improvement is the key to quality, real success and can be implemented in every area of our lives.’

In today’s fast changing world we have to keep moving forward to stay at the same place and we have to work on improving continuously to stay ahead. The process that got us success yesterday is no longer valid because most of the parameters that existed then have changed. So, we have to continuously go on reinventing ourselves. If you keep doing the same thing while the world around you is changing at a dizzying pace you are likely to lose in the race to success. No wonder we see so many companies around us closing and new ones opening, some merging some getting acquired some taken over in a hostile bid.

The path to success starts with an honest look in the mirror. You might have started off on the right foot towards your success, but we all get to a point where we feel stuck. If you are wondering if there is something you can do to improve such a situation. I am here to tell you there is. Meeting your success is very possible. Here’s how.

Continuous Self-improvement?

Continuous self-improvement is a principle that helps you constantly improve in several areas of your life to reach success.  It means having “incremental” improvement over time to achieve big results. It can be applied to industry in improving services, materials and processes and is essentially a quality improvement tool. It can be used to improve ourselves to have a more fulfilling and a happy life and make us a better citizen or a leader.

Constant and never-ending improvement is the key to quality

Almost everything can be improved if we set our minds to do it. Simple and gradual improvements made daily progress possible leading to quality achievements over the long term.

 In our everyday lives, it is a gentler and friendlier means of reaching success. It does not advocate for any radical big steps in your life. It encourages us to make small positive changes daily towards our success. However, the results are remarkable.

Think about it: It is like the great Grand Canyon that has been created through the gradual chiseling of the rock by the Colorado River to create one of the greatest wonders of the world.

In our daily lives, it is possible to make small but important improvements in every area of our lives. For instance:

  • We can learn a new skill
  • Acquire new knowledge
  • We can improve our relationships
  • We can learn new ways to enjoy our lives

It is possible to make improvements to meet our goals/success

Becoming a master in something takes time. You need practice and more practice. If you do it in a rush, you will be overwhelmed or even fail.  However, constant self- improvement improves your skills gradually leading to expertise.

Successful people know the gains of continual improvement. They are always asking, how can I do this better? How can I make it more efficient?

This strategy of 1% incremental gains helps you focus on improving the 1% gains to reap the rewards of success. It also helps you be committed to your goal rather than quit. Further, it also gives you the motivation to achieve your goals.

Whether you want to gain more skills, better your business, or change your behavior continuous self- improvement can work for you. Starting by focusing on small but manageable steps ensures that you have a better chance of achieving success. It helps you master the process. Additionally, as continuous self-improvement becomes a habit, the belief that you can easily improve is reinforced into you.

Remember every skill you learn, every class you take, and every improvement you make is a building block in your success.

What if I face challenges along the way?

Acknowledge that success is a journey and challenges are part of this progression. This will help you change your attitude and the way you handle problems.

If you can, handle them before they become a crisis. Alternatively, focus on the progress you have made so far.  This will help you go on even in the midst of challenges.

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