Determination is key to achieving goals

Nothing can teach you more than becoming a parent! Having four children of my own I am not afraid to admit that sometimes I think I have learnt more lessons than my children on this crazy journey of parenthood! As a life coach there are so many things we can learn from the raw authentic behaviors of a toddler – Determination is certainly one of them!

One of the proudest moments I have experienced in my life was when my youngest child Eli, at the age of 3 made a decision that he was going to take the training wheels off his bike. He had witnessed his older brother and neighborhood friends ride past our house on their two wheeled push bikes in envy for a while now and in that moment decided enough was enough. Eli had a goal, he didn’t exactly have a formulated plan or strategy just that number one- the training wheels we going in the bin and number two- he was getting on that bike and he will ride it no matter what!

Determination is key when you seek to achieve a goal

This image encapsulates the triumph he had and the bold determination. Eli had made a decision and was determined to see it through. Looking back on this day it reminds me of how important this moment was at shaping his character. With this determination Eli went out onto the street and was soon zooming down the slopping street approaching the corner at speeds that would get any mother on the brink of melt down. Did he have a few scrapes here and there… YES! But his determination filled the gap and sealed the wounds to achieve success.

I am a life coach and have spent considerable amount of time working with people to achieve their own goals in life. Over the years I have identified that determination is often missing in any key strategy. In a world where everything is at our finger tips we are often too easy to give up instead of getting back out on that bike and trying one more time. Oh how the world has worn us down, one to many heart breaks, one to many grazed knees and look where we are – sitting on the park bench of life watching others achieve their goals. Today I want to be your Life Coach, your accountability partner and I want to throw those training wheels in the wheelie bin for you and encourage you to get back on your bike and make a commitment to yourself, make a decision right now to unwrap that dream out of the bubble wrap. You will get battered and bruised but wouldn’t you rather a war wound to show your buddies when you are at the top than have to ride past your mates with your training wheels still tightly fixed?

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