Goals and Personal Growth

Goal setting? You either are or are not a fan of goal setting, you could probably guess which is am? Yep a I am an infamous goal setter, I have a born passion and enthusiasm. When I hear the word ‘goal’ my ears twitch & you have my attention 100%! But what is it all really about at the end of the day and is it worth your time?

A goal is point of completion for a pre-determined target. It is a place in future where our desires are realized. Goals give one focus in life, shape dream and maximize potential. It also provides actionable targets to perfect our actions, to achieve what we want in life.

Role of goals in personal growth:

  1. It helps fulfill our purpose and maximize potential.

It is important to have a definite goal that helps us to move forward in the direction of our purpose. Setting clear and definitive goals makes sure that we are in the right direction. Attention to detail is also important while planning your goals. They need to be materialized in a certain time and space.

2. Goals set you up for success

When a larger dream is broken down into smaller achievable targets, they continue to motivate you to move closer to success. It also emanates positive energy and takes you through any barriers that one encounters.

3. Goals throw light on your priorities

To become successful personally and professionally, one needs to focus on the present.

4. Goals envision success as a journey and a path

An important aspect of goals and personal growth is the ability to see success as a journey and not the end in itself. Setting realistic goals makes improvement on a daily basis an attainable milestone.

Types of Goals

There are many types of goals. Goal boundaries are unique to each individual and is dependent on personal aspirations and dreams. A goal may be lofty or achievable and the balance changes with success or failure. Those with higher boundary goals exhibit higher performance level as opposed to those with lower boundary levels. Easy goals can be achieved with ease and there is no incentive to improve performance. Goals that are too difficult to achieve are perceived as unattainable. A goal must be challenging and realistic at the same time. Similarly, goals that are too easy or difficult negatively affect performance.

Advantage of having goals

When President John F Kennedy announced that he would put a man on the moon by the end of the decade, he made the impossible a goal with a deadline. John C. Maxwell says” When our attitudes overpower our abilities even the impossible become possible.”

When you set a goal you determine where you want to be at a certain time in future. Relinquish immediate pleasure to develop future potential and personal growth.

Who, Why and When

Define who you are. Always clearly articulate why a particular goal is important to you. Answer to this would bring clarity to your purpose that translates to action. Answer to when you want the goal to be achieved is equally important for your journey towards personal growth. When there are deadlines people are bound to respond to them. When you are clear about your goals all your activities that surround your goal will become natural and effortless. Pursuing your goals is an energizing experience.

Setting and monitoring goals

  • Our goals should be our own. Recognize what you want.
  • Focus on very specific goals.
  • Plan your goals with deadlines
  • Envisage the goals as attainable and be convinced that you deserve it.
  • Split the goals into smaller milestones.
  • Formulate goals in measurable, attainable and relevant ways.

Achieving goals

One should strong personal convictions to go against all odds and dedicate yourself to having things the way you want. When you continuously tend to your goals and realign them to your visions and dreams they become realistic targets in life

The following pointers are helpful in achieving goals

  1. Write down your goals-All goals need to be followed by a deadline for accomplishment and therefore should be clearly defined within a framework. It should be written in an affirmative manner that helps you visualize it.
  2. Make it personal-A well-defined goal should be personal. It should be within the realms of attainability for a person to accomplish it successfully. Develop a personal mission statement. This becomes your success plan, putting your goals in focus.
  3. Be specific and time sensitive-A goal should be clearly stated with the intent with definite timelines. If it is not expressed in specific terms it may not be attainable.
  4. Make it achievable and measurable-identify activities that help you achieve your goals. The success of goals needs to be measurable.

Barriers in achieving your goals

The primary barrier in achieving any goal is the unwillingness to confront failures. Your mind has the capability to limit your beliefs. Some of the other barriers are lack of focus, lack of confidence and low motivation.

JC Penny once said,” Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I will give you a man who will make history. Give me a man without a goal and I will give you a stock clerk.”  The ultimate key to goal setting is to define your comfort zone and take your goals a notch higher.it doesn’t matter who you are. With a defined and focused goal-setting you can achieve far more in life.

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