How to be wealthy

Who doesn’t like wealth? Almost everyone! Some get satisfied with wealth sufficient to live a comfortable life. Then there are others who have an insatiable hunger for wealth which sometimes gets them into trouble.

Defining wealth is not easy. It can be anything from money, prestige, freedom, power or even health. Different people will have different perceptions of what wealth is. For some people, being the owners of a huge mansion with a swimming pool would be considered as wealth. Another person may think of a small cottage with a picket fence and an herb garden as wealth. For some, two square meals a day is wealth.

Apart from material trappings; meditation, painting a picture or spending time with a loving family can also be considered as wealth. There really is no correct answer to this question as we all have different values.

Chasing rainbows

Most of us live an unfulfilled life. In our quest for material wealth, we chase things, not being aware of what we really want. I have been guilty of this plenty of times! We work overtime; in an effort to buy a house that is bigger, a car that is better and the latest clothes and gadgets. To keep up with our desires in a society that is materialistic, we have to work round the clock. If we don’t keep up with the joneses, we feel people will think less of us.

Wealth is much more than money

Money and wealth are not the same. For many people, wealth does mean earning more money. But how much is enough? You must try to find out what wealth actually means to you before you go chasing after it. Wealth can take many forms. Rich and loving relationships with family and friends can be considered as wealth. A lifestyle business in place of a regular 9 to 5 job can also be considered as wealth. Adventure and travel too, bring richness to your life.

Necessary facets of wealth

Financial security is a requirement for survival. When you add a spirited attitude, a healthy mind and a life that has purpose in it to the equation, you are really wealthy. If all these factors are not in the balance, you are not wealthy.

Spiritual wealth

What comes from within you is spiritual wealth. The intrinsic mindfulness, the contentment and the positive energy bring wealth to your life. True spiritual wealth is something that is in your power. As far as material wealth is concerned, it tends to fluctuate. External and internal factors play a role in attaining material wealth. It could have to do with fluctuating markets, wrong decisions or natural disasters. There may be umpteen other causes that are not within your control. A proper balance between material wealth and spiritual wealth brings bliss to your life.

Evaluating how wealthy you are

Find out how much it costs to do the things that keep you emotionally satisfied. You will find out that it doesn’t cost anything at all. Spending time with your family, taking part in a sport, learning a new skill or reading a book can be very satisfying. All these activities will be much more fulfilling than possessing a flashy car or a diamond necklace. When you have experiences that are meaningful, there is personal growth. And that is when you become truly wealthy.

You will find that material things satisfy our needs only for a short period of time. Some people believe that spiritual wealth on the other hand will give your life meaning. What does wealth mean to you? And what would you do if you had more of it than you can imagine? Think about it.

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