How to become a winner!

We are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts we make our world. -Buddha

In the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth the author, T. Harv Eker says if your subconscious financial mind is not set for success, nothing you learn, nothing you know and nothing you do will make much of a difference. The secret of success is not genius or talent. In the words of Charles Kettering, high achievement is possible only if you work in the framework of high expectation. Winners are in the habit of conquering their doubts. They never let little things like doubt and uncertainty stand in their way of success.

Many of us would have gone through phases of self-doubt, where we question our ability and capability. But if we let these passing moments get the better of us, we will be on downward spiral of hesitation and indecision, bringing us to a halt.

  1. Make a decision- The power of decision acted upon with utmost conviction can bring positive results

Every day you meet ordinary people like you and me, with stronger drive, outthinking, outperforming and outworking their counterparts born with privileges and talents. It is precisely your beliefs that can either limit or realize your potential. Not having a limiting belief is enough to unleash your potential to the fullest. If you let your mind absorb damaging thoughts and feelings instead of positive thoughts, you are not unleashing your full potential. What I am saying is that we must learn to master powerful emotional forces that unleash potential and drive positive action.

Genius is a state where you converge all your potential into a state of certainty. One needs to challenge the approach whenever negative and counterproductive emotions creep-in in order to overcome fear and move into the sweet spot of success.

We all have developed emotional and psychological patterns that control our beliefs. These beliefs are sometimes self-limiting and too often our stories are shaped by these beliefs. Our minds need to be empowered with beliefs that lead you to an absolute state of certainty of achieving great things. Instead of being ruled by fear and doubt, powerful positive beliefs could lead to a state of empowerment, confidence and positivity. When you are certain about your potential you naturally become inclined to taking positive action.

  • Believe you can do it & take positive action in the right direction

‘The great end of life is not knowledge but action’ -Thomas Henry Huxley

We have come across serial winners in our lives. We often fail to understand what sets them apart from us. Most of them had humble beginnings. But one thing they all have in common is consistent action that ultimately leads to consistent progress. They have the habit of doing something every day to move closer to their goal, overcoming the forces that could pull them back. These people are constantly moving forward, doing whatever they can to the betterment of the society. The bottom line is, there is nothing that keeps us from doing what successful people do.

Change is a way of life. If we live in our past, we keep missing the future. Persistent action overshadows talent and is a valuable resource for success in life. Inaction is the same as never having done anything at all. What we believe does not hold good if you don’t act upon it. The world rewards you for what you do and not for what you know.

The action we take on the decisions we make help us move forward in life.

“Success leaves clues and people who produce outstanding results do specific things to create those results. By precisely adopting and duplicating the actions of others you could reproduce the same quality of results they had.”-Anthony Robbins, author of Unlimited Power

  • Play to your strengths

While it is alright to improve where you lack, playing to your strengths give positive results. So take actions that strengthen your passions, where you invest in your strengths. Environments are agile and constantly changing. The way forward is towards growth and not decline. This is why you should take action in the direction of meaningful results.

The key to results is to channelize your time and energy in efficient ways. You cannot waste time on problems, fears and doubts that hold you back. The pioneers like John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie were men who failed many times before succeeding. But they had the habit of leveraging themselves to higher degrees for the next big result. If you want to succeed you need to strike out new paths and take more positive action.

In conclusion

•             The power of decision acted upon with utmost conviction can bring positive results

•             Take positive action in the right direction

•             Once you have attained a specific positive result build a new compelling goal and future

•             Master powerful emotional forces that unleash potential and drive positive action.

•             Believe in what you want and take action to get it.

Let’s not beat around the bush, it takes guts, courage and stamina to become a winner, but the rewards are highest for these few people who give it a red hot crack. It’s a lonely path but that’s where I come in, if you are interested in venturing down this path why not take a guide to encourage you and motivate you. Ask me about my FREE strategy sessions today and let’s get started!

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