Mindset & Personal Growth

I am sure you must have heard a lot about mindset. Someone in the office may have told you to change your mindset to have a better performance or life. We hear a lot about mindset.  What is it really and how does it affect us?

Mindset plays an important role in achieving anything – be it goals, completing a task, coming out of illness, growing in professional or personal life, and I strongly believe in it. From my own experiences I can vouch that if the mindset is right growth will be accelerated. If not, it will hinder progress. Both my success and learnings are the outcome of my having changed my mindset to positive towards my environment.

What is a mindset?

Mindset can be defined as a summation of one’s knowledge, beliefs, attitude and thoughts about yourself or the world. In simple words it is how you receive and react to the inputs from the environment and people around you.

Type of Mindsets

Mindsets can be broadly categorised into two types –

Fixed Mindset – This means  that the basic quality or traits are fixed. A mind behaves as a blockage here. It will accept or reject ideas without even trying. A fixed mindset is an enemy for growth.

Example – If you believe that you cannot dance or are not good at something, the mind will accept the fact that you can never change. You will not put any effort to change the situation or find a solution.

Growth Mindset – I believe that if you have this mindset it will always push you to achieve something. It helps in believing that things can work in your favour. People with this kind of approach see the obstacle or failure as an opportunity to learn and grow. They believe that even if they are not good at something, it can be worked upon or developed by dedication and hard work.

Example – A growing mindset would always strive for feedback and learn to make things better.

I personally believe in this kind of approach.

Mindset of a leader

A leader possesses certain qualities, characteristics, a mindset, which helps him to succeed.

  • Open Mind – A successful leader is always open to change, accepts new ideas and is ready to experiment.
  • Takes Ownership – He believes in taking ownership of the projects he handles. And doesn’t find excuses if it fails.
  • Grows with the team – A leader takes every opportunity to learn anything new or things which he doesn’t know from his subordinates. He doesn’t believe in typical superior-subordinate relationship.
  • Wants significance more than just success – A leader believes to contribute in such a way that it makes a difference.        He wants to take the organization to a level where it has never been before. And this can be achieved only if the leader has a growth mindset.
  • Have a clarity regarding expectation – A leader with a strong mindset can gauge expectations from the people around him be it his boss, team members, clients, etc.   

How to Change or upgrade your mindset?

  • Change in Self Talk – The conversation with oneself should be more positive, empowering (Example – I can do that instead of Can I do that?). Because the way you talk to yourself reflects your mindset.
  • Determine the mindset you need – The key is to act the way as if you have already achieved it. Example – If you want to be healthy, train your brain that you are already healthy.
  • Surround yourself with people that match your desired mindset – It is said that you are average of 5 people which surround you. So, you should always hang out with people who have a mindset which you desire.
  • Adapt to new habits to support your mindset – You need to change your habits which can support your current goal.             
  • Come out of Comfort zone – Try, experiment new things as it is said,” sky is the limit”. You need to challenge yourself to upgrade yourself.
  • Stop giving excuses – Excuses turns the dreams into dust. If you aspire to grow, do not find a reason for failure or not accomplishing it.

So what do you think? I hope you are sufficiently convinced that if you have a growth mindset and work to achieve leadership and a positive mindset, you can achieve whatever you want. If you have the right mindset, nobody can stop you from growing.

Go for it!

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