Keynotes & Talks

My keynote presentations inspire audiences and leave them with actionable information so they can go ahead and implement my advice into their lives, all through personal stories combining hardship with humour!

My keynote (and in fact all of my talks), includes the following themes:

  • Overcoming Hardship

    I came to Australia fro Kenya, alone, at the age of 19. After a string of challenges both before and after my migration, I know a thing or two about hardship, but it’s my outlook, strength in the face of adversity and desire to live my best life that saw me build successful business and embrace my experiences.

  • Creating the Right Mindset

    It’s well and good to say “you need the right mindset” to be successful. I present the ways in which you can teach yourself to alter your mindset for the better.

  • Improving your Business by Improving Yourself

    Business Growth starts with personal growth. I demonstrate why it’s so important to have the right things in place personally, so you can be successful professionally.

  • Investing in Your People

    Many business owners forget that their staff are their greatest investment. I teach people how by investing in your team’s personal development, they’re investing in their business in a number of ways.

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