Lunch to GO! Workshop

“Lunch to GO!” is a snappy two-hour workshop aimed to inspire and motivate teams and leave them with the tools that they can use for their own personal development at home.

  • Real World Stories

    To say my life has presented me with some challenges may be an understatement, but I use my own example to highlight how even in the face of adversity, amazing things can be achieved.

  • Your Place or Ours?

    The great thing about this workshop is that we do all the work! We come to your office (or organise a space for you) and we bring lunch!

  • Investing in Your Team

    This workshop helps teams with their own personal development, not specifically on their role within the business. It may seem counter intuitive, but not only do employees leave this workshop having learned about the greatness within them, they also appreciate that their employer has invested in their personal development.

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