Why your attitude is important to your success

Attitude is everything! If you can’t manage your attitude you are never going to manage your success its as simple as that!

According to Richard M Perloff, author of The Dynamics of Persuasion: Communication and Attitudes in the Twenty-First Century – Attitude is a mental and emotional entity that characterizes a person, which in turn influences the individual’s thought and action.

Oxford dictionary defines attitude as – “A settled way of thinking or feeling about something.”

A leader needs to have a positive attitude to be able to lead and to have the confidence that he can lead people to success. His attitude should be such that he is helpful, trusting and caring.

A positive attitude helps us rise to the occasion when the future defining moment arrives. It spells optimism and urges us to take risks with confidence.

Ben Franklin, one of the founding fathers of USA said “The handshake of the host affects the taste of the roast.”  This means that the attitude of the host affects the atmosphere.

Why is it so important to have a good attitude?

Motivates you

A positive attitude motivates you to accomplish your goals and you are able to look at problems as opportunities. It allows you to have an open mind to question your own beliefs and makes you confident to take responsibility for your actions

Stress Less!

You have better self-esteem and confidence to achieve success with a good attitude. With this added confidence you will naturally decrease in stress levels.


With the reduction in stress a positive attitude can keep you healthier and happier. Your mental state will also be a whole lot better too!

Get more done!

You have a higher energy level and are able achieve your objectives rather than brood and blame others.

At the end of the day its your choice! We have been given this amazing power to control our attitude daily but it’s easier said then done. Don’t forget to take some time out to critically review your attitude. If you need some assistance in this area why not get some accountability and speak to me about a FREE strategy session where we could create a strategy to master that infamous attitude once and for all!

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